What’s Going On?

3 Feb

The state of food production and flavor creation in the United States is pretty terrifying. When you look at coal tar used for caffeine and the antibiotic laced chickens we are basically poisoning ourselves constantly. Most the information I know about these aspects of the food industry make me want to run away, live in the country, grow my own vegetables and fruits, and raise my own chickens. But there is an issue with the utopian plan, apart from the fact that I have no idea how to grow food or raise it, the damage that all of pesticides and antibiotics have done to the ground could still be contaminating whatever you grow. So what are we supposed to eat?

It seems responsible to buy as much free-range organic food as possible because that should be healthier. The problem is that this is a solution for the wealthy. Probably the top 20% of income wage earners could afford to eat this way, so then it does not seem as logical. But when you look at the benefits of eating natural locally grown food, they should hopefully outweigh the ultimate health costs of eating predeceased foods.  Such as, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on.

Life style changes are in order in the United States. Without a serious over haul of the sedentary lifestyle we have adopted and a move towards less factory farming and more local farming we are going to entrench ourselves further in this unhealthy relationship we are now experiencing with food.


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